Monday, July 7, 2008

Best Friends..

Aloha.. :)

Im back.. hehe. Today I have something to show y'all. Do u believe that cat and dog can be friend? Or do U believe that a dog and a duck can be friend? well, I do believe. It is because I see it on my own eyes. And actually, it happens at my own house. My dog and my cat has been living together for more than 5 years already. They have been sleeping and eat together. It is quite surprise to see it but those two pets has been giving happiness to my family. Now my cat is getting old so it just lying down and spent mostly resting in the couch. 

Early dis year my mother has bought a new pet. It is a duck( white color). I ask my mum why suddenly she wants a duck and bought only 1? She said that she thought the duck in white color is special and she bought 1 because her love will not need to divide. I smile.. :) I know what she meant..

And surprisingly, my dog and my duck become friends too. The duck always follow the dog anywhere. It is funny actually to see dog and duck together. . 

Well, I think Friend is something that sincere and not pretending. Someone that will not back stab you from behind.. Am I right? :)



Friday, June 13, 2008



Long time didnt write anything in my blog. I have been very busy since I get home to my hometown for holiday. I have something to share with people who are in love.. :) My bf and I was rarely seeing each other since we start couple in 2005. We both now are going on long distant relationship. whoever out there that is in this kind of relationship will certainly know how I feel. In my opinion, being in a long distant relationship will challenge your love to each other, sincerity, honest, caring, communication, and loyalty. It is very hard having dis kind of relationship. Me myself also almost give up..

So, people especially girls must think carefully b4 love someone who is far away from you because it requires a very strong love from both partners.. I think love is all about give and receive. It requires two people just like two way communication.. How about you? What do you think?

I think dats all for now.. C u soon.. :)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Personal post.. :(

To the person name T..

I cant do anything 2day..  all my actions are very slow.. even my report havent finish yet. I have 2 submit it 2moro morning.. and dis is all becoz of my special one..

I try to forget U but U stick in my heart. I try to hate u but my love 4 u overcome it. I hate everything about u but I still miss U.. :(
Y did u give effect so much to me..?

Y u never care about my feelings? Are all men like dis? someone please tell me why do men always hurting girl's heart.. :(

:( really sad now

from me B..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st blog..!

Hi evryone..
My name is Brenda Fiona. U can call me Brenda. Im very excited becoz this is my 1st blog. :)
I am so happy! yay!!
Act, I dont have anything to share yet.. but u all can see my profile if u wan 2 knw more about me. So, maybe after i have something i will share it with u all..  See u soon!!